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This site is dedicated to the beautiful Genera of the Masdevallia Orchid being grown here in the UK in my cool to cold greenhouse, my collection consists of both species and hybrids which all started out as small four or five leafed divisions, so I thought I’d share my collection, growing tips, blooms and much more with the world-wide Masdevallia lovers, enthusiasts, growers who visit the internet.

The site is primarily for beginners to the wonderful world of Masdevallia Orchids, commonly known as the Kite orchid.


Pronounced: Mas-de-VAL-lee-ah, these are the miniature jewels of the orchid world native to the cloud forests of the higher altitudes of the Andes Mountains, from Peru to Venezuela & widely found from Mexico south through to tropical south America they are not the easiest orchids to grow be with the right conditions will acclimatise to your growing conditions remember their requirements are cool temperatures, high humidity, good air movement, regular feed and watering and most importantly good drainage.


A good healthy Masdevallia starts with a good root system and these should be kept moist at all times, watering in the early morning and allowing to dry during the day so during the night they are damp not soggy wet, ideally grown in small pots for the plant size in either pure sphagnum moss or a mixed media, I use small bark, perlite and a small amount of Sphagnum moss and I repot on an annual basis to prevent the media breaking down. All the books say a good humidity range is between 70 / 90%, so I keep mine at 70% or at least I try to, the summer heatwave of 2018 was a nightmare not just for my Masdevallia but other orchid collectors suffered during this period.


I have started a YouTube channel where I post regular videos to accompany this site it includes, regular updates, care guides, growing tips, blooms, and greenhouse and would love to see more Massie Lovers Subscribe and follow me in my journey of growing these beautiful orchids as someone once said “The Gems of the orchid world”. This in my opinion is a beautiful statement.


I have also created an Instagram account for displaying my latest blooms and again it would be great to have you follow me, check me out on my Social Media page above, future plans are to start a Facebook group where we can all share our Masdevallia experiences good or bad and help each other.

You can help support this website and its continued growth with donations however small to help with running costs.

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The majority are cool growers and can be found at high elevations in the mountainous cloud forests where they thrive on the high humidity.

Masdevallia and Dracula orchids, natural habitat is throughout Central and South America and can be found as far north as southern Mexico and southward to Peru.

However, some grow in warmer and somewhat drier conditions where the plants do get some drying between rains.

The colours and flower shapes are amazing. Some of the new hybrids have been found to have more vigour, making them easier to grow and bloom while retaining the intriguing colours and shapes.


Chris Blyth
Chris Blyth
not only does Mick have a fantastic array of carnivorous plants to purchase, but the information he shares through his YouTube channel an website is second to none
Margaret East
Margaret East
I bought 2 Masdevallias from Mick back in March 2021. Masd Ignea and Veitchiana, both divisions from his own stock. Excellent quality, not overpriced, and packaged securely. No hesitation in purchasing more divisions in future.
Diane and Orchids at Victor Harbor
Diane and Orchids at Victor Harbor
Excellent grower, clean and tidy greenhouses with well grown plants.
Geoff Ashton
Geoff Ashton
Very knowledgeable grower who puts every ounce of care and attention into the plants he grows and sells. Highly recommended!
We designed and built Mick’s website, however what we didn’t realise is how much information and advice this website was going to give. If you are in need of help with your orchids or even purchasing some Mick is your man!

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