Darlingtonia Californica "Cobra Lilly"


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This Plant in the picture is available and has been grown on from a “stolon” division last year from one of my own cobra lilies here in my Temperate Greenhouse in the UK.

The plant will be sent  potted in a mix of peat moss and perlite. On no account should it be repotted  in any of the commercial potting mixes available as these may contain additional nutrients which are not suitable for Carnivorous plants.

Do not use any fertiliser on your Darlingtonia californica as they will catch there own food, flies/ insects etc.

I would strongly recommend you repot bi-annually and remember they are very sensitive to heat especially in their roots, and should ideally be stood in moving water always keep the crown of the plant from being submerged in water.

These plants require dapple shade for the best growth, colour & general health of the plant.

It is advisable to only use rainwater/RO water. Keep your plants standing in a small amount of water during the growing season.

If you’re new to carnivorous plants check out our growing Guides.


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